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What is the In Her Shoes Challenge?

Malnutrition is passed on from mother to babe, and the pattern will continue unless there is an intervention. Two-thirds of women live on less than $2 a day, and 40% of women globally are anemic.

Choose from five different diets of women whom we've helped during a humanitarian response, or if you are pregnant, nursing or have a health concern, we invite you to take the alternative challenge.

Take the In Her Shoes Challenge!

Why This Challenge Matters

Your participation will help us raise awareness and funds to combat maternal malnutrition where we work.

We have worked across North and Central America, eastern and western Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and have witnessed malnutrition in every form, and we've seen just how detrimental it is to the health of women and newborns.

Pregnancy is already difficult in these hard places. Sustaining life on a limited diet is strenuous on both mother and babe, and malnutrition causes pregnancy complications, low birth weight, and increased risk of both maternal and infant mortality.

About Circle of Health International (COHI)

Circle of Health International (COHI) aligns itself with local, community based organizations led and powered by women. We respond to the requests of these leaders, who are best suited to know and advise on the needs of the women and children that they serve.

COHI aims to support these local partners through our provision of professional and clinical volunteers, medical and community capacity training, the procurement of requested and appropriate supplies and equipment, and by raising funds for the organizations to provide the services that women and children require.

COHI ensures quality care to mamas and babies in crisis situations around the world by providing disaster relief, supplies, professional training and supporting social enterprise. To learn more, visit​

From November 6 to November 19, we're challenging everyone who cares about mamas and babes in hard places to either mimic a mother's limited diet for three days, or donate $60 - which can feed a mother for an entire month.