In Her Shoes 2017

Live as Anita in During Hurricane Harvey

About Live as Anita in During Hurricane Harvey

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By joining this challenge, you're going to walk in the shoes of Anita to raise awareness and funds for COHI. For three consecutive days of your choosing, you will eat her local diet and share your food images on social media, using both #inhershoesCOHI and #COHIChallengeAnita. We welcome you to also blog about your experience. Find easy downloadable social media guidelines and your shopping list below!

​Meet Anita

Anita is a 32-year old African American woman, and is a Houston native. She is college-educated, considers herself middle class, lives with her husband and two sons in the Briar Hills neighborhood of Houston. After realizing they had to leave Houston, they evacuated to Austin. Unfortunately, Anita's health isn’t wonderful. She has hypertension, she is overweight, and at her last checkup, she was told she is at risk for diabetes.

Just how bad is the situation?

Hurricane Harvey dumped an estimated 27 trillion gallons of rain over Texas and Louisiana during a 6-day period. The rainfall has set a record for the most ever from a landfalling tropical cyclone in the continental US. Estimates put eventual total losses at as much as $75 billion. 

Your diet for the next three days:

You can space out your meal plan however you like, but you cannot have more than the allotted food per day.

First Day: Deciding to brave the hurricane at home

Breakfast: ½ cup of 2% milk and ¾ cup of sugary cereal. Lunch: Frozen Lean Cuisine and a 12 oz. Coke. Dinner: no power, bologna sandwich (bread, 1 slice of american cheese and 2 slices of bologna with mustard), handful of chips, 1 pop tart and 12 oz Coke.

Second Day: En route to shelter

Breakfast: 1 package of pop tarts and a 12 oz. Coke. Lunch: bologna sandwich (same as first day). Dinner: 1 cheeseburger off the dollar menu with a 12 oz. Coke.

Third Day: At shelter

Breakfast: 1 serving of microwavable oatmeal, coffee with milk, 2 pieces of toast with jam. Lunch: turkey sandwich (2 pieces of turkey, 1 slice of american cheese, mustard and iceberg lettuce) with small bag of potato chips and 12 oz. Coke. Dinner: 1 piece of cheese pizza and 12 oz. Coke.

Download your grocery shopping list.