In Her Shoes 2018

Alternative Challenge

About Alternative Challenge

Still want to participate in the #inhershoesCOHI challenge, and you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have a health concern? You are the perfect challenger for this campaign, because your story is incredibly relevant.

We challenge you to take three days to mentally compare your personal experiences of having access to healthcare in a safe environment to those experiences of women whom COHI has previously helped.

The most important aspect of this challenge is keeping ONE woman in your thoughts throughout the day. Choose one of the other five profiles and put yourself in her reality. We’re asking you to share on social media twice a day, for 3 days, about how your daily life would be impacted if you lived as she does.

Where would you go for prenatal check-ups? How would you feel without your iron supplements or thyroid medication? Would you have a safe, comfortable place to breastfeed?

Your challenge for 3 days:

Daily compare your access to healthcare, safety and other resources we take for granted each day to the woman of your choosing and share your thoughts and experiences with social media updates or in a blog post. Be sure to share your blog post to your social media channels.