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What is the In Her Shoes Challenge?

Help us raise $30,000 to go toward COHI’s current programs in Syria, Nigeria, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Nepal. Challenge yourself by eating the diet of one of our 5 profiled women for one day or donate $60 to feed a mother for one month. Rally your friends to join in and create a team.

Take the In Her Shoes Challenge!

Why This Challenge Matters

Your participation will help us raise awareness and funds to combat maternal malnutrition where we work.

We have worked across North and Central America, eastern and western Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and have witnessed malnutrition in every form. We've seen just how detrimental it is to the health of women and newborns.

Pregnancy is already difficult in these hard places. Sustaining life on a limited diet is strenuous on both mother and babe, and malnutrition causes pregnancy complications, low birth weight, and increased risk of both maternal and infant mortality.

About Circle of Health International (COHI)

Circle of Health International (COHI) is an international humanitarian organization providing reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care in crisis settings around the world. Founded in 2004 with the mission to increase the capacity of women's health care providers in crisis and disaster settings, COHI provides disaster relief, supplies, professional training, and sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable women.

COHI ensures quality care to mamas and babies in crisis situations around the world by providing disaster relief, supplies, professional training and supporting social enterprise. To learn more, visit​

Join COHI June 18 to July 1 in bringing awareness to maternal malnutrition by adopting the diet of a woman in a developing country for 24 hours.

Maternal malnutrition has a devastating impact on both mothers and babies. Poor nutrition in the first weeks of a child’s life has catalyzing effects that last into adulthood—stunted growth leads to impaired cognitive ability, which then results in reduced school and work performance. Women’s bodies can take years to recover from a full-term pregnancy followed by breastfeeding; anemia is just one of the primary dangers facing postpartum mothers.

Too many of the women COHI works with around the world live off of less than $2 a day. In Her Shoes shines a spotlight on the difficulty these mothers face in getting enough nutrition to support healthy pregnancy, delivery, and nursing.